Thursday, October 10, 2013

Archives! Get Your Archives!

I've been negligent to getting the archives posted here in the blog, so here are a whole festival of links to archives. By the way, here is the schedule for the year.

August 28 - Setting the Schedule
September 4 - Advice to New FYC Instructors (Sorry, I missed this one)
September 11 - Community Building: Ways to build communities of trust, respect, and sharing in FYC classroom
September 19 - Globalization: Working with Multilingual Writers & FYC in International Contexts
September 26 - Feedback: How to Provide Effective, Efficient Feedback (Looks like I missed this one too)
October 2 - Digital Literacy and Digital Citizenship
October 9 - Identity: How we retain our identities as writers?

Next week, October 16 is: How to Foster Creativity and Play in the Classroom. See you then!

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