Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Archive for February 6 chat

Here is the archive from the February 6th chat about the Online Learners' Bill of Rights document. 

And here's a really cool visualization

See you tonight for building community and facilitating collaboration. 9pm EST. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Archive for January 30 Chat and Schedule

So many great technology suggestions. Here is the archive. Remember, you can find the chat in reverse chronological order. Links aren't live, but you can copy and paste them.

Hope to see everyone tonight when the topic is the Learning Rights document that has been making the rounds.

The schedule for the chats can be found on our facebook page and right here:

Jan 30 -- Teaching with Technology (Face-to-face, Online, Hybrid, & MOOCs)

Feb 6 -- Learning Bill of Rights

Feb 13 -- Encouraging Collaboration and Community

Feb 20 -- Writing as Performance

Feb 27 -- Play in the Classroom

March 6 -- How Course Designs Change (or Don’t) to Meet the Needs of Disabled Students

March 13 -- Local Professional Development Ideas (in keeping with 4Cs national professional develoment that week)

March 20 -- Writing Teachers as Writers & Taking Our Experiences into the Classroom

March 27 -- Teaching Research Skills & the Research Paper

April 3 -- Writing Across the Curriculum & Transferable Skills

April 10 -- Grading/Assessment/Feedback

April 17 -- Portfolios/ePortfolios

April 24 -- Self-Assessment (assessing ourselves as educators and researchers)

May 1 -- Incorporating the Writing Center