Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our Next Topic: Standardized Tests

We've chosen a hot-button topic: standardized tests and testing. We will be coming at from two different perspectives: dealing with having to use them and dealing with the students who are a product of them.

Some of us, because of increasing standardization of FYC curriculum and "learning outcomes" are now required to administer some for of standardized or common test. What do we, as professors, do in order to ensure that we don't just "teach to the test?" How are we compromising in the name of the testing requirements?

On the other side, we see the impact that standardized testing has had on our students' writing and studying habits. What are some of the strategies you use to "break" those habits and get the students writing, not for a test, but for themselves and for their academic success?

Hope to see everyone on Wednesday night, 9 PM Eastern, on Twitter.

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